FIFA World Cup 2011: Semi-Finals for Women’s Soccer

The US soccer team beat Brazil 5 to 3 on Sunday with last-minute penalty-kicks.  The game in Dresden Germany was tense, as the US team played with one woman down (red card), but the American women’s team kept going and won!

Read more here and here.

And not just women were excited about this victory on Sunday. On Monday night Rachel Maddow commented on this wonderful video showing the excitement of devoted male fans, noting that she was happy to see a women’s team being taken so seriously by all types of sports fans. Next, the US team will go up against France ~ today.

Go USA women!!

About Claire

I grew up in both the Netherlands and the US. When I moved to America at age 10 I was confronted with conflicting social constructs of gender and class. As a student of the social and cognitive sciences, I gained a greater understanding of how human decision-making can lead to unintended system-wide consequences in the interdependent world we live in, especially when you throw stereotyping into the mix. Having struggled as both a poor and female American citizen, I am quite aware of what it means to blame a victim for their circumstances. I feel that I have a voice, and responsibility, to stand up for those who are currently silent.

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