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The last few days the news has been flooded with stories about women’s reproductive issues including abortion and contraception.

The Republicans would like to see American women knocked up. When women are constantly pregnant, especially poor women, they will also be less likely to graduate high school and attain a college or graduate degree. When women are constantly pregnant, they won’t be able to pursue competitive careers, or even work full-time. Do you fully understand the clear dangers in denying women contraception?

Having control over your own reproduction also gives you control over your own life. Control over reproduction allows you to be competitive in today’s world. It is no coincidence that the female-to-male pay ratio has continued to steadily increase since the FDA approval of the birth control pill in 1960. 1960 really was not that long ago…just 52 years.

Time Magazine cover from 1967

If Conservatives are not attempting to oppress women here, the only other option is that they want to punish women for enjoying love. Should poor women remain abstinent even when married? What about rape? Victims would be denied their most basic right to protect themselves from an unwanted pregnancy.

And the politicians talk about religious freedom. I say, what about the economic and reproductive freedoms of women!

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