A man tends not to be criticized for lacking face paint, yet a woman should not dare enter the public spotlight without it.

On her recent travels, Hillary Clinton has been seen with no makeup, natural hair, and glasses. Of course comments have followed about her looking “tired” or “withdrawn” but she is not apologizing!

Clinton’s response on CNN was, “I feel so relieved to be at the stage I’m at in my life right now, Jill, because if I want to wear my glasses, I’m wearing my glasses. If I – you know, want to pull my hair back, I’m pulling my hair back. And, you know, at some point, it’s just not – it’s just not something that deserves a whole lot of time and attention. If others want to worry about it, I’ll let them do the worrying for a change.”

I couldn’t agree with Hillary more. She sets an example of feminine strength, independence and self-acceptance.

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