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Petition: Women’s Right to Contraceptive Access

Republican senator Roy Blunt has introduced an amendment that would allow any employer to deny birth control coverage for any reason. It is 2012, and birth control pills are a normal part of modern life. Yet, if this bill passes, women’s freedom to access health-care will be severely limited! Your boss shouldn’t decide what kind of health care you use.

Imagine if a male birth control pill existed – how do you think people would respond to such an issue in relation to religious freedom and employer choices over employee healthcare options? This whole debate is utterly ridiculous and insulting.

We need to come together  and use our collective power to fight these crazy bills. You can help stop Sen. Blunt’s amendment by adding your name to 150,000 other signatures on Kirsten Gillibrand’s petition that demands women are guaranteed access to the health care they need and deserve.