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Limbaugh: A Sexist, Disgusting Asshole!

Today Limbaugh once again showed what a sexist asshole he is when he called the female law student who was denied a spot at the Contraception Hearing a “Slut” and “Prostitute” on his radio show.

First of all, Limbaugh just doesn’t get it! The whole point Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke was trying to make was that women often need birth control for non-contraception related medical reasons, such as managing ovarian cysts, which otherwise lead to serious complications and surgeries. Sandra Fluke’s whole point was that some female college students need birth control not because the are sluts or prostitutes or as Limbaugh put it “want to be paid for sex” but because they may face serious medical issues if they don’t take their birth control.

And then, to top it off – Limbaugh manages to somehow add insult to injury by suggesting that this Georgetown law student should post sex videos online (I guess so that everyone can see what they “paid” for).

He never bothered to actually consider what she may have had to say – and automatically concluded that she must be a slut if she is standing up for her rights.

Read more at MSNBC

Rush Limbaugh attacks Michelle Obama’s Figure, Summer’s Eve tells us “Douche More, Earn More” and of course the antics of American Vogue

Oh Rush, You Fucking Imbecile, seriously? Running out of criticisms towards anyone that doesn’t think like your perverse mind works?

Rush Limbaugh calls Michelle Obama a hypocrite for eating short ribs, why? Apparently she individually and solely has all of  the responsibility of setting an example for how the rest of us irresponsible and mostly obese Americans must eat. Because there isn’t quite enough information out there already trying to set an example on healthier ways to eat and lifestyles and that already seems to be helping the LARGE obesity rate in this country fall! Pffff. Then he goes as low as to criticize her physique! That’s right, that fat-ass went there! Oh and Rush in his most self-righteous despicable attack on the First Lady, shouldn’t be calling anyone a hypocrite especially when it comes to leading a healthy life (which Michele indefinitely does and it’s evident). Rush, weren’t you arrested on drug possession? You overweight, pill-popping menace to society and all that is good in this world. Read about that here (his arrest) and then the video of his hate spewing b.s. ——>

Arrest article http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/04/28/national/main1561324.shtml (copy and paste)


Douche more and maybe your new, non-repulsive self will get a raise!

Summer’s Eve…I don’t know a woman who uses this shit but it caught my attention when a friend told me about one of their print ads he saw in a magazine. Apparently Summer’s Eve relatively new campaign tell us women, that if we in fact take the time to douche more (which has been proven not to do anything for us hygienically but waste time that we could be waxing our asses and painting our nails), that we will definitely get a raise. In an effort to try and “hit a chord” with women these advertisers have shown how completely out of touch they are with women as if that is top on our priority list, to douche? Who has time for that anyway? Need I say more really? Please see ad here——->

On to the notorious catalyst for women’s once-existent self-esteem… et Voila- American Vogue!

Sandra Lee is an entrepreneur, a self-made success in the world of food, publishing books on food,  having a top-rated cooking show, a food magazine and the list goes on. She’s been at it for a while and no doubt worked very hard at attaining this status; she is 44 and a celebrity now. Vogue has published an article on this successful woman, but it doesn’t seem they are hailing her achievements as much as they are making it very known that she is Andrew Cuomo’s new GF.  The transparently veiled focal point of this article on her, is that she is Andrew Cuomo’s new girlfriend. Really? I can say one decent thing about this article, though it still alludes to some idea that women cannot become this successful without help or only God knows, perhaps doing other illicit things… and that was this quote:

With chutzpah, charm, determination, a large dose of ambition, and something akin to entrepreneurial genius, she has, over the past nineteen years, created a multimillion-dollar empire all her own—and more important, all on her own.

But VOGUE, why did it take the fact that she is now some famous politicians lover in order for you to write an article about her accomplishments?

http://www.vogue.com/vogue-daily/article/sandra-lee-the-woman-in-white/ (copy and paste)