A Royal Baby Boy! What this Means for Women


Today the world has welcomed a newborn royal baby. This British baby boy will one day be King after his father Prince William and grandfather Prince Charles.

Even if the British baby news doesn’t interest you much, this birth is significant in terms of women’s rights. Rachel Maddow made an excellent point today that the Succession to the Crown Act passed in April 2013 would have allowed the baby to be the future monarch no matter what gender it was. In the past women could only be Queen of England if there were no male siblings, however the 2013 Act  “to make succession to the Crown not depend on gender” was passed while Kate was pregnant, ensuring that either way her first born would one day be ruler of the United Kingdom.

I thought that this was pretty cool and is a step in the right direction.


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Three Kurdish Female Activists Murdered in Paris

Three Kurdish Female Activists Murdered in Paris

CNN reports that three Kurdish Female political activists were  all shot in the head today in the center of Paris, France. The apparent assassination has shocked the Kurdish community, especially since the killer or motives are currently unknown.

One of the victims was a founding member of the Kurdish Workers’ Party, a party considered a terror organization by both Turkey and the United States.

Read more on CNN.com


Feminist Images Speak in January!

LG picThis is the second annual Loose Garments Images Speak month! Last year We asked for original artwork submissions of what you envision when you think “Woman,” and many responded!  All images on our Images Speak Page been created by Loose Garments fans, who are women (and men) just like you. Images are only accepted during January each year and can include photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, or anything really.

Please submit your artwork to LooseGarments@gmail.com


Revisiting “Binders Full of Women”

MSNBC reported that “Binders full of women” was a top Google search term today. Not only that, but the phrase has also gone viral via memes and blogs. From our own blog, to Gawker’s discussion on binders, the Tumblr page and some hilarious images.

And it appears that one conclusion can be clearly made about binders: they are outdated and suck!

The phrase “Binders Full of Women” clearly got to people. It inspired some. It aggravated others. It definitely got the emotions going!

Perhaps the comment captures that awkward, old-fashioned and disconnected Romney so well! No better way to insult all female professionals, right? Let us know what you think in the comments. What did the phrase do to you, and why did you Google it?


Binders Full of Women

Are you serious?! Did Governor Romney just say what I thought he said during the 2nd Presidential Debate?

When covering how he would help women find equality in the workplace Romney said “I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”

Yes, it’s clearly not a problem that we are severely underrepresented when it comes to positions of power, and underpaid. The solution is clear, all employers can just pick us out of a catalogue, pay us 70% as much, and problem solved!

Women and men, this is not what a future President of the United States of America would say in the 21st century.


I’m Considering a Gender Neutral Nickname for my Résumé

Alex, Sam, Terry, Chris, Taylor, Pat, Dana, or Jessie … which one should I go with?

A recent social psychology study conducted at Yale University and recently discussed in the New York Times found that both male and female college science professors across the nation harbored significant gender bias when appreciating accomplishments and hiring young male and female scientists. The study was able to clearly indicate this bias by sending the exact same promising résumé to various science professors and asking them feedback on whether the imaginary “applicant” should be hired as a research coordinator at a University laboratory. The only thing was that half of the resumes had the name “John” and the other half included the name “Jennifer” and this tiny alteration led to quite different responses: “The average starting salary offered to Jennifer was $26,508. To John it was $30,328.” Remember, the only difference between the resumes was their first name… John and Jennifer. Not only the pay was different, but on a scale from 1 (low) to 7 (high) on perceived competence of the applicant, the professors gave “John” a rating of 4 and were more willing to mentor the applicant, compared to “Jennifer” who received a rating of 3.3.  This sounds like quite the negative first impression to make, and they haven’t even met you yet!

Doesn’t that make you want to adopt a new gender neutral nickname for your future job applications?


A Different Kind of Labor Day: Maternity Rights

Rallies across the nation were organized to bring awareness to issues involving maternity care on Labor Day, bringing a whole new meaning to the holiday. Improving birth includes using evidenced-based medicine and the use of “best practices” in maternal care, it also means decreasing the number of unnecessary C-sections and induction of labor.

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Tomorrow’s Feminists “Budding Pussy Rioters”

Apparently a feminist training camp called The Suffragette Summer School in Britain welcomed its first batch of students this past September. The camp focuses on teaching women the art of peaceful protest to help prepare “budding Pussy Rioters”.

The camp focuses on legal rights when peacefully protesting, and how to make your body as heavy as possible for security guards to move.  The camp hopes to foster the Suffragette spirit, which originally involved peaceful protest to secure the right to vote.

Ann Romney

Women & The Republican Party

In Tuesday’s speech, Ann Romney passionately exclaimed:

“It’s the mom’s of this nation, single, married, widowed, who really hold the country together.  We’re the mothers.  We’re the wives.  We’re the grandmothers.  We’re the big sisters.  We’re the little sisters and we are the daughters.”

And sure we are mothers, wives, grandmothers and sisters but we are also so much more. What I didn’t hear was that women are one of the most valuable untapped natural resources, and women of this nation will be tomorrow’s leaders. We are the business entrepreneurs. We’re the doctors. We’re the big scientists and politicians.

And that is the problem.

Women need economic and social equality. As we continue to break glass ceilings, we will need to work toward equal pay for equal work. For true economic equality we not only require equal pay, but we require equal professional opportunities by way of reproductive planning. Yes we are mothers, wives, grandmothers and sisters but we are also so much more. The GOP doesn’t appear to consider women to be individuals outside of their traditional role as wife and mother.

This is evidenced by the backwards anti-women legislation that has been introduced across the nation, and enforced by Ann Romney’s words at the GOP convention.

money by Tracy O

$10 Minimum Wage Would Benefit Women!

House Democrats are proposing to increase minimum wage to $10 an hour! This makes sense, considering minimum wage should be around $10 just to catch up with inflation, as Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) points out.

Legislation to increase minimum wage to $10 was introduced on Wednesday June 6th by House Democrats.

Jackson argues that his bill called the Catching Up to 1968 Act provides low income Americans with a more fair chance by catching up to inflation. In addition, by boosting purchasing power of the working class we can also provide a boost to the economy, as the increase in income by low-income workers will mostly be spent right away on basic life necessities. In the US, women are disproportionately affected by income inequality and poverty, thus would benefit most from such a minimum wage increase.

Read more at Alternet.com


Honor Killings a Problem in Pakistan

The women and men were reported to be condemned when video footage showed them singing and dancing at a wedding. 

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has become involved in a case of 4 missing women, believed to have been killed for clapping and singing at a wedding while men were dancing nearby. One person caught the scene on video using his mobile phone and on Wednesday the Supreme Court ordered an investigation of whether the four women were killed for clapping and singing near men at a wedding.

The investigation follows a statement made to journalists by a brother of one of the dancing men in the video, that a tribal council had ordered the killing of these 4 women because they violated tribal honor.

The 4 women from the northern village of Gizar Alitray  have not yet been located, yet the deaths have also not been confirmed. The brother told the Supreme Court:

“I say this under oath, I swear it, the girls have been killed under orders from a tribal court. They were killed on May 30. I fear for my life, for my brothers,” 

This case highlights the issue of the disproportionate number of honor killings committed against women in Muslim countries. Reuters reports:

“Families or tribes often take justice into their own hands. Gatherings of elders hand down punishments that include the rape or killing of women for crimes including falling in love with a man deemed inappropriate, or besmirching family honor. Fraternizing and dancing between men and women is frowned upon. Almost 1,000 women were killed in the name of honor in the South Asian nation last year, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Activists say the actual number is much higher as a majority of cases go unreported.”

women in charge

Study: Less than 1/3 of Top Jobs in UK Held by Women

BBC Reports that women make up less than a third of senior positions when considering 11 main sectors including politics, business and law.

“Men outnumber women by four to one in Parliament and only a third of local councillors are women,” the group’s Preethi Sundaram said.

“When we look at the top quarters of power in the political world there are only five women there out of 22… It’s quite an appalling fact really.”

Read more at BBC News.

women in US army

2 Female Soldiers Sue US Military to End Women in Combat Ban

Photo credit: S. Olson/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Times reported today that two female soldiers are suing the US Army and Department of Defense to end the ban on women participating in combat.

The complaint they filed on Wednesday May 23rd asserts that the rights of servicewomen are being violated by excluding them from specific military positions and combat roles, solely based on their gender.

We are so proud of these two military women, who are standing up for equal rights!

 Read more at LATimes.com